Berco metallurgical laboratory has specific sophisticated instruments to validate products in all fields of use. Reliability tests are carried out on undercarriage components to comparedurability and performance across various fields of application.


Berco team of engineers is focused on the design of undercarriage components for complete tracked vehicle systems. With 100 years of experience with CAD & CAE instruments, Berco is able to customize its products according to customers’ needs and requirements.


Berco has invested a lot in automation, not just in production process, but also in logistics and handling process as well, including wrist robots, gantry robots, hydraulic handlers with self-learning capacities, stacker cranes for handling pallets and much more.

Heat Treatment

Berco heat treatment processes are optimized for all product types. The following methods are used today:

  • induction quenching: available on more than 46 production lines
  • differential quenching: available on four lines;
  • direct quenching on line after forging: installed on nine lines
  • tempering furnaces: two for links and segments, three for bottoms and two “general purpose”
  • lines with dual chamber case-carburizing furnaces: seven total

The main process parameters (temperature gradients, time, temperatures, chemical composition, etc.) are constantly monitored in real time by computer systems connected to the company network to guarantee the highest quality heat treatment standards.

Hot Forging

Berco forging technology know-how, being developed over the past 100 years, helps it to develop high quality products on its 20 hot forging lines, via over 3,000 sets of dies that use a modern tooling system comprised of next-generation, and high-speed machining tools. Berco forging line, “Maxi-Press”, which includes a 32,000-ton and a 16,000-ton screw press, is able to forge even large size products used on mining machinery, for use in every heavy wear and load condition.


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